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Oaklee's Story


Written by Katlyn Jordan Gentry

Oaklee had several episodes of vomiting in the beginning of December 2019. Her doctors were treating her for a sinus infection, but then on the morning of December 27th, I went in to get her for daycare and she was limp and lethargic. We met Pegasus (helicopter) a few minutes up the road because she was rapidly declining. We needed to get to the hospital fast. We landed, ended up in the ER and they did a CT scan and diagnosed her with a brain tumor within an hour of being there. She immediately went back for an emergency craniotomy to remove the tumor because her left pupil was about to blow. She was in surgery for 8 hours. They removed 95% of her brain tumor, and we decided to come to St Judes for chemotherapy treatment. We have been here since January 27th, and will be here until July-August. Her tumor so far has decreased a lot in size, and they think it actually might be dead. We are in her 5th cycle right now, and will have the 6th cycle end of June 2020 and then final scans in July.

Photo courtesy of OakleeStrong

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