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Oscar's Journey

Written by Chelsea

Oscar has Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy grade 3 from not breathing at birth due to medical neglect.
After not breathing for 15 mins, they revived him but the brain damage had already been done. We were told he was to pass away very quickly. We turned off his life support and said our goodbyes but instead, he opened his eyes and we took him to a hospice for a month before taking him home. He’s a little miracle!


photo courtesy of Oscar's Journey

He has also developed west syndrome (a rare life limiting form of epilepsy) which he struggles with everyday. He has dystonia, NG fed, is registered blind, and he has severe development delays. We were told Oscar wasn’t going to live, and we were told he was brain dead so I never thought I’d see him smile or laugh. He definitely does now, and he’s the happiest little boy I’ve ever met. He enjoys the small things in life. He doesn’t move a lot, but when he’s happy he kicks his little legs so hard.

Oscar inspires me every day. It's been a hard journey, and I live with the fear of what happened every day and have suffered with PTSD after the birth, but Oscar gives me a reason to wake up every day. He brings me back to life and gives me hope. It's amazing how far he’s come!

photo courtesy of Oscar's Journey

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