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Sydnee's Story

Written by Leah O'Kelly

Sydnee is a helper by nature. She is always concerned with the well being of others.  Recently, her teacher  gave her the chance to spread awareness at school. Below is a little about her experience and what she did. 


Sydnee courageously shared a speech with her classmates about her story with Dravet as well as how to help someone if they are having a seizure. She has endured bullying and misunderstandings due to her condition.  She doesn't want this to happen to anyone else. Sydnee is doing her part to raise awareness. 

Then Sydnee, with the help of her friends, successfully raised money for the Dravet Foundation.  Her classmates stepped up in a big way and bought almost all of the baked goods. She is a brave warrior that fights this battle with everything she has. As I am writing this, I received a call from Sydnee's school that she had two back to back seizures and rescue meds were administered. Despite being on three seizure medications her seizures persist. 

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Photo Courtesy of Sydnee's Hope Trumps Dravet

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