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While struggling with mental illness, I found hope in the stories of families who have children battling difficult healthcare issues. They've taught me so much about how to cope and get through my own battles. They've also taught me what's truly important in this world and how to live life to the fullest. After coming across these stories, I felt inspired to create the Here's Hope Project in April, 2016. I created it as a way to help families spread awareness and get their stories heard. I do this via social media posts, music videos, and a podcast. The goal has always been to spread messages of hope and inspiration to families of children dealing with chronic illness and to connect people to their stories.

I create bravery videos and music videos which are shared publicly in an effort to inspire the greater community as well. I love creating videos for families, because I think they are the most resilient of beings. I feel like they have this amazing quality of being able to push through anything. The bravery videos I create for kids are meant to uplift and give them an extra boost of confidence during treatment. I also love creating music videos for parents to show them what it is I see in them and to give them something to reflect on their journey. My hope is that by sharing these stories we can all find ways to relate to and connect with each other.

On August 1, 2023 I launched the Here's Hope Project Podcast for families struggling with their mental health while raising a chronically ill child. With my own battles with mental illness, I found it important to acknowledge that the lives of these families is often traumatic and can affect their mental well being. The podcast explores the affects chronic illness has on a person's mental health and offers a space where parents can connect, not feel alone, and possibly learn ways to cope by hearing the stories of others. 

Note: The Here's Hope Project is not a registered non-profit. All services are free to families, and I volunteer my time. 

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