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The Here's Hope Project is a passion project that began in April, 2016 and was created as a way for me to learn, explore ideas, and ultimately find ways to help parents and children spread awareness and get their stories heard. The goal has always been to spread messages of hope and inspiration to families of children dealing with difficult healthcare issues and to connect people to their stories. I create bravery videos and music videos which are shared publicly in an effort to inspire the greater community as well.

I love creating videos for kids, because I think they are the most resilient of beings. I feel like kids have this amazing quality of being able to push through anything. I believe that learning about these children's battles can inspire hope in all of us. They certainly inspire hope in me.


When sharing their stories, I combine home videos/pictures with music and animation. While these are stories for and about kids, they also connect to the stories and themes of our own lives. My hope is that we can all find ways to relate to and connect with these stories and to each other.

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