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Leah Storm's Journey

Leah is a 4 year old warrior who was born with one ovary and one kidney. It was later found that she had a 2nd kidney, but it was so small that her body would absorb it. Her larger kidney had a cyst on it. They also found 3 things wrong with Leah's heart: VSD,ASD, and her artery to the left lung was very narrow.


photo courtesy of Leah Storms Journey

On January 5,2017 Leah had open heart surgery at Boston children's hospital to fix all of her heart problems.They put her on a bypass machine to work on vsd and asd. They also fixed her left artery that was attached to the left lung. They were discharged after 5 days in the hospital for open heart surgery.

On July 23rd Leah finally got her kidney from her daddy! "It’s been a long journey, and we had some really close maybes of getting her a kidney sooner, but they just didn’t work out. We are so happy that Leah is finally living the life she was meant to have!" -mom

photos courtesy of Leah Storms Journey

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