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Brave Like Bria

Our oldest daughter, Mackayla, was a wonderful baby but was diagnosed with hip Dysplasia in her left hip at 18 months. She endured a 3 week hospital stay where she underwent traction therapy followed by a closed reduction, and subsequent surgeries, which kept her in a cast for nearly an entire year. She taught us to advocate and research tirelessly to find the right surgeon and treatment plan.


Photo courtesy of Brave Like Bria

When Bria was born suddenly at 23 weeks and 3 days, as shocking as it was, my husband and I both reverted back to our previous tendencies to research and advocate tirelessly. We became as informed as possible on every aspect, while also celebrating every tiny milestone along Bria's journey. Every ounce she gained, every medication that was removed, every single thing she did became a reason to celebrate. So when we hit roadblocks and began to feel defeated, we made sure to continue celebrating small milestones to keep a positive outlook.

Written by Tiffany Spina

Photo courtesy of Brave Like Bria

The NICU, and parenting any medically fragile child, is overwhelming, but finding the positives and the little victories all along the journey make the path a tiny bit smoother. I want others to know a message of hope, finding the positive in even the smallest victories and always advocating for their children. As a family, our kids have rarely made it easy for us.


Photo courtesy of Brave Like Bria

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